Risks of Hair Transplant

Are you considering to have a hair transplant? Or you are afraid of the risk of the procedure? Just like most of the medical surgeries have effects then hair transplant is no exception. If you are so much into the idea, then you will have to slow down a little bit and read these risks associated with the hair transplant.

Bleeding and cysts are some of the dangers of hair transplant. Since it is a surgical operation blood shed will definitely be present. Though it might be little blood that is shed, some patients have excessive blood flow leading to another surgery to control the bleeding. Cysts also is another risk of hair transplant which is caused by harming the hair follicles of pushing them deeper into the skin.

Swelling and numbness are also other side effects of hair transplant. Swelling is experienced at the scalp and on the forehead. Numbness too is felt during and after the operation to reduce the pain which is also another risk of hair transplant. For those with bad skin tones, they experience a lot of prolonged swelling.

Itching is a common effect experienced by hair transplant patients, especially at the hair lines. Just like any other surgery or medical work the equipment used is very important. If infected equipment is used then it exposes the patient to the risk of getting infected by a disease which may be fatal. Other risks associated with hair transplant include; hiccoughs, headaches, and scarring.

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